Vacuum Pump For Paper Making


  • The vacuum pump for paper making machine can be used alone, also can be used as booster pump, diffusion pump, molecular pump and backing pump. It can also be used for vacuum metallurgy, vacuum welding, vacuum impregnation, coating, vacuum drying and chemical pharmaceutical, electric vacuum components and other industrial vacuum operation.
  • Leizhan vacuum pump for paper mill is mainly used for paper recycling and making machine, to ensure the high qulity of paper. The paper making vacuum pump machine can separate paper and moisture from each other, ensures the dryness and smoothness of paper.

Working Condition

Our high vacuum pump/small vacuum pump/mini electric vacuum pump for sale is guaranteed start normally in winter’s low temperature. The pump is applicable to vacuum packaging, vacuum free. Leizhan industrial Pump can be within the scope of 5 ~ 40 °C environment temperature and the inlet pressure under the condition of less than 1330 pa, allows continuous work for a long time.

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