DD Series Double Disc Refiner

DD Series Double Disc Refiner is a refining equipment. The double disc grinding machine is suitable for continuous beating of chemical wood pulp, mechanical pulp, waste pulp, suitable for slurry concentration of 2-5%.

Application and Feature

  • The double disc refining equipment is equipped with automatic control system, to achieve constant energy consumption or constant power to beat, beating stability.
  • Double disc grinding machine is a continuous beating equipment. According to the requirements of beating process, one or more sets can be connected in series or in parallel.
  • This double disc fiberizer has the advantages of compact structure, less land, high efficiency, low power consumption, strong adaptability, simple operation, flexible adjustment and convenient maintenance. The double disc refiner is a ideal continuous beating equipment.

Working Principle

The principle of the structure: Double disc refiner is composed of the pulp chamber, transmission mechanism, the base, motor and so on. Changing different grinding tooth abrasive disc, to meet various requirements of pulp beating.
Slurry enters into the grinding zone center through two pulp inlet pipes. Under centrifugal force and slurry pressure, slurry passes through grinding zone, and finishes the beating process by the rubbing extrusion of the toothed disc.

Main Specification

Type DD550 DD600 DD660
Diameter of plate(mm) Φ550 Φ600 Φ660
Product capacity(t/d) 10-100 12-150 15-200
Concentration(%) 3-5
Motor power(Kw) 160-250 185-315 220-500

Capacities vary depending on feed size, feed rate, operating conditions, desired product output, characteristics of feed material, and equipment configuration

Download complete technical literature [PDF]

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