ZPH Series Mid Consistency Mixer

ZPH Series Mid Consistency Mixer

Application& Features

  • This medium mixer is used in mid consistency bleaching section of stock preparation process, which fully mixes chemicals, steam and pulp.
  • Adopt tripe-blade rotor which helps in working efficiency. High speed rotation of rotor makes stock fluidization and destroys fiber structure, so that reaches the best mixing result.
  • Inner structure with spiral bar, avoiding stock detained in shell, reducing pressure losses.
  • The rotation direction of rotor is perpendicular to the flow direction of stock, preventing bleaching agents from education and overflowing and saves chemicals.
  • Directly connect after medium consistency pump, obviously energy saving.

Main Specification

Type Specification Proper temperature
ZPH21 100  lower than 120  8-14 less than 0.6
ZPH22 150
ZPH23 200
Type Production capacity (t/d) Motor power(Kw)
1000 r/min 1500 r/min
ZPH21 50-80 80-120 7.5-11
ZPH22 160-170 160-260 11-22
ZPH23 180-270 300-420 22-37

Capacities vary depending on feed size, feed rate, operating conditions, desired product output, characteristics of feed material, and equipment configuration

Download complete technical literature [PDF]

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