Kraft Paper Machine

Kraft Paper Machine


The kraft paper machine is equipped with dewatering element according to max. basic weight and pulp type. The production capacity can be assured. When the paper making basic weight is changing, the vacuum degree of vacuum dewatering element can be adjusted to make sure the paper dryness. According to the vacuum degree from low to high, equipped with forming board, dehydrate box, vacuum dehydrate box, low vacuum suction box(wet suction box), high vacuum suction box(suction box). Material of elements that contact with wire is ceramic material. Front of scraper blade is flat. Box is stainless steel. Each vacuum suction box is equipped with steam separator and connect with vacuum main pipe.


The machine consists of headbox, fourdrinier wire forming, press section, drying section, gas hood section, sizing machine, calender, mechanical drive section, compressed air system, lubrication system, hydraulic pressure system, basic section, reeling machine.

Main Specification

Model Number 1092-4400
Certification BV,CE,ISO
Voltage 380/480v
Design Speed 250-1000m/min
Working Speed 200-800m/min
Trimmed Width 2400-6600mm
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