The Headbox In Paper Making Machine

The headbox’s main purpose is to spread the pulp from the sizing pump at a uniform speed, consistency, and the pressure is evenly distributed on the paper machine banner. The main equipment of the headbox includes the main inlet pipe, the distribution pipe bundle, the balance chamber, the turbulence generator, the weir plate channel, the upper lip plate, the lower lip plate,etc.

The Task Of Headbox

1. The paper stock is distributed uniformly and stably along the full width of the paper machine to ensure the controllability and uniformity of pressure uniformity, speed uniformity, flow uniformity, density uniformity, and fiber orientation.
2. Effectively disperse fibers and prevent fiber flocculation
3. According to the process requirements, it provides and maintains a stable relationship between the head of the on-line paper stream and the pulp speed, and it is easy to control and adjust.

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