Reeling Machine

Function of Reeling Machine

With the development of equipment to large scale, the width of the larger paper machine can  reach 10 meters or more. Therefore, the paper must be cut and rolled into small volumes before selling. During the operation of the Reeling Machine, as the volume of the paper increases, the weight of the rolls, including the reel increase gradually. The volume of the paper after reaching the roll requirement may be more than 100 tons, and then use the rewinder to cut the roll into small rolls needed by the customer.

For such a huge weight, in a paper rolling shaft device, the most important is the bearing delivering paper to cylinder. Compared with other parts of the paper machine, the roll bearing is in a relatively good working environment, relatively dry, low temperature, about 25 degrees celsius. However, these bearings must be protected from fouling by paper dust.

How to protect Reeling Machine?

The paper rolling machine goes relatively slowly, especially as the roll of paper increases, the speed decreases gradually. The bearing lubrication of the Reeling Machine can be the same as that of the net and press parts. Lubrication should be done about once a month.

Main Specification

Model Number ZWJX
Certification ISO BV
Voltage 380v
Power(W) 3kw
Control PLC
Production capacity 1-100t/d
Production speed 150-2200m/min
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