Paper Machine Spare Parts Felt

Felt refers to the fabric felt used in the paper industry for papermaking and transportation. It is recommended to choose the best felt for machine life and paper quality and replace it every 3 months. For more information:
The role of felt in papermaking machines
1. Press dry paper to dehydrate and smooth the paper.
2. Pickup paper, flatten on top and serve to dry.
3. Works with hot and humid conditions, iron, dry paper
Felt features
1. Good water filtration, abrasion resistance and elasticity, high strength, small shrinkage
2. Resistance to bacterial and acid and alkaline corrosion
3. Flat, stiff, high temperature resistant performance
The Leizhan company offers a complete set of pulping equipment, paper machines and spare parts. If you need felt or other equipment, please email us at any time. Email: 

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