Paper Machine Spare Parts Doctor Blade

Leizhan custom designs a complete range of doctor ring systems for all application areas of papermaking machines. Each doctor blade holder was designed to meet the layout of a particular machine. This design ensures that the physician provides the optimal roll surface and sheet drop.
The doctor blade is made of stainless steel. It consists of three parts: a pneumatic thumb, a scraper body and a pendant device, and the important components are connected to the blade body via a shaft with a pneumatic thumb. The scraper body is used to hold the air thumb in place and requires sufficient rigidity and straightness. The blades, which better protect the roll surface, need to reciprocate at a uniform rate. There are two types of swing devices: pneumatic and electric. For the convenience of roll replacement, you can add cylinder rotation to the body of the blade to allow more space.
Leizhan also offers features such as increased speed by optimizing a comprehensive service portfolio and doctoring system. Special calculation methods can be used to find a suitable design that can avoid problems such as vibration at a later stage. Email: 

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