Paper Machine Rewinder

The operating speed of rewinding machine is the fastest machine of papermaking machinery, which drives the car 1500~1800m/min, more than 2500m/min. When the paper scroll fall from the paper machine, coating machine or super press reeling machine, there are still many defets. Such as: internal damage, breakage, uneven edges on both sides, the larger diameter (large paper machine is usually greater than 2500mm diameter). The width of the paper sheet is not compatible with the paper processing equipment or printing equipment.
Usually, the paper making machine rewinder is installed behind the paper machine and can be used to hoist the paper roll from the reel to the backing frame of the rewinder.


The main function of rewinder for paper mill is to remove the bad quality paper and adhesive broken ends, cut the required width, roll the required paper roll diameter, keep the inside and outside tightness of the paper roll basically uniform, and the flat surface.

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