Function And Performance

As a combination of paper machine “approach” and “process”, the basic function of the headbox is to provide good conditions for sheet forming, namely uniformly distributes paper material along the width direction of the paper machine, so as to ensure the uniformity of pressure, speed, flow rate and concentration, and the controllability and uniformity of fiber orientation.


  • Can make a uniform and stable paper web, and no longitudinal strip flow appears on the paper;
  • Ensure that the banners are distributed evenly;
  • Headbox should be avoided to produce slurry or paste;
  • Easy to keep the box clean; pulp network speed controllable.

Main Specification

Name High quality paper machine part headbox for toilet paper factory
Voltage 380V
Power(W) 2.2-4(kw)
Dimension(L*W*H) according to types
Weight according to types
area of screen(m2) 1/2/3
hole screen product capacity(t/d) 7.5-25/12-50/25-75
gap screen product capacity(t/d) 3.5-75/7-15/11-25
input concentration of hole screen(%) 1.0-1.5
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