Cylinder Mold Paper Machine

Cylinder Mould is used in the forming section of paper making machines and thickener. The stainless steel cylinder mould for paper mill is in high speed, high strength, low power consumption, long life time for wire.

Main Character

Different usage type: paper making cylinder mould,concentrate cylinder mould.
Different structure type: common,air exhause,vacuum.
Different material type: stainless steel
Specification diameter(mm): 1000,1250,1500,1800,2000
Working face range: 1000-5000mm
Main character:  improve water filter area and speed, increase the capacity.

Main Specification

Model 3.5m2, 5m2, 8m2, 10m2, 15m2, 20m2, 25m2, 30m2, 35m2, 40m2, 45m2, 50m2, 60m2
Face with according to the customer’s request
Speed according to the customer’s request
Optional supply list Bearing and related accessories, Wire (Stainless steel or Synthetic high polymer)
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