Light Impurity Separator For Pulp Screen Line

Light Impurity Separator mainly used for dealing with light impurities and tailing in coarse screening section. The main body of Light Impurity Separator adopts inverse conical design, concave top structure, can form a strong vortex, forming a loe pressure area in the top center and getting the light impurities and discharge them outside effectively. Light Impurity Separator mainly has the functions of gathering light impurities, dissolving the
slurry, collecting and removing heavy impurities in the slurry.

Competitive Advantages Of Light Impurity Separator

1. PLC control, automatic slag discharge
2. Light and heavy impurities are separated more thoroughly
3. Long service life due to less wear
4. less occupied area and low motor power

In addition to Light Impurity Separator, we also supply other paper pulp screening equipment, like Vibrating Screen, M.C Pressure Screen, Inflow pressure screen,etc. Welcome email us for any need. Email:

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