High Effiency Inflow Pressure Screen

Inflow pressure screen is advanced paper pulp screening equipment in the modern world, which has great ability of screening function and low pulse. It is widely used in the fine screening of wood pulp, straw pulp and waste paper pulp, especially suitable as the net filter before paper machine.

Working Principle Of Inflow Pressure Screen

Inflow pressure screen is a continuing screening equipment under the fully closed position with pressure. When works, the pulp enters into the outside of screen drum along the tangent direction through the pulp pipe. Qualified pulp enter into screen drum through the sieve seam , with the help of pressure difference between inside and outside of screen drum, then come out through the pulp pipe. The pulp and impurities which can not through the sieve seam fall down to the bottom, and come out from the discharge pipe. Rotating blade outside the screen drum can produce a moderate pressure, which improves the circulation flow of pulp, its tail will produce a negative pressure, which has an effect of backwash sieve seam. It can prevent the sieve seam congestion, and pulp can smooth enter through the sieve screening from the surface constantly, which ensures the continuous operation.

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