Broken pulper is mainly used for broken paper treatment from press section, calender, paper reel section,etc. And optimized rotor shape for higher turbulence at the lowest power consumption.

Broken Pulper Main Speciafication
Model:                                            SZS1         SZS2             SZS3
Rotor Dia. (mm):                          Ф750       Ф1000        Ф1300
Width of the chest (mm):      2500- 5000 3500- 6000 4500- 8000
Pulp consistency (%):                  3-5
Screen hole size (mm):              10-24
Motor power (KW):           45-160             90-355           200-630

If you want know more about broken pulper, Please feel free to email us. Our email: paperrecyclemachine@gmail.com  


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