Waste Paper Recycling Production Line

When it comes to waste paper recycling, many products can be produced after waste paper recycling, such as office paper, toilet paper, corrugated paper, etc. However, due to the high investment in waste paper recycling, many investors postponed the project. According to market demand, Leizhan has developed an affordable and efficient method to produce high-quality paper supplies through waste paper recycling, thereby optimizing the value of waste paper in all aspects. The production is easy to operate and includes pulping, molding, drying and reshaping processes.

Waste Paper Recycling Processing

Waste Paper-Chain Conveyor-Hydrapulper-High Consistency Cleaner- Pressure Screen-Low Consistency Cleaner-Reject Separator-Double Disc Refiner-Inflow Pressure Screen-Paper Pulp

In terms of waste paper recycling and pulping equipment, Leizhan has 40 years of production and sales experience and can provide customers with the most technologically advanced equipment and a full range of services. Any need or question about paper pulping, please free email us. Email address: paperrecyclemachine@gmail.com  

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