Set 25T AOCC Pulping Project Cost

AOCC is an old American waste paper corrugated box, the main component is wood pulp and other long fibers. It is a high-quality secondary fiber raw material used to produce packaging paper and cardboard. Lei Zhan can provide a complete set of production line equipment for the AOCC pulping project.

Specifications And Technical Data Of 25T AOCC Pulping Project
D Type Hydrapulper: 10m³, h=10mm C=3~5%
High Density Cleaner: Q=200m3/h, H= 30m, C=2.5~5%
Inclined Screen
Conical Refiner: Ø450mm, C=3~5%
Double Disc Refiner: Ø450mm, C=3~5%
Inflow Pressure Screen: A=0.6㎡, s=0.3mm, C=0.5%
Leizhan can offer all kinds of raw material stock preparation line equipment, such as OCC, wood pulp or virgin pulp, etc. Tell us your raw material and capacity to know more specifications. Email address:

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