New Design ZG Drum Pulper for Waste Paper Recycling

Advanced pulping equipment can not only save investment costs for paper mill, but also improve production efficiency, increase output, and increase customer operating profits. New Design ZG Drum Pulper used for continuously pulping and coarse screening of waste paper under high consistency, which can achieve continuous pulping under high consistency and at the same time it sieves the coarse impurity with the disposal consistency of 14%~18%. With low energy consumption and minimal fiber damage advantages.

Main Feature Of New Design ZG Drum Pulper

1. Low damage to impurities and high effciency of deslagging reduce the following equipment burden.
2. Low energy consumption, reduce running cost.
3. Long pulping residence time, sufficient fiber relief, low rate fine fiber loss.
4. Few quick-wear parts, continuous pulping, low maintenance cost.

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