Middle Consistency Hydrapulper In Tissue Paper Pruduction Line

Middle consistency hydrapulper is the most advanced pulping equipment in modern international paper industry, and widely used in pulp production line and paper industry. Middle consistency hydrapulper mainly used for pulping wood pulp and other clean raw materials. In tissue paper pulp production line, chain conveyor conveys the wood pulp to the middle consistency hydrapulper, which pulps the wood pulp. The decomposed wood pulp then enters the high consistency cleaner to remove impurities. Then put the wood pulp into the middle consistency pressure screen to screen the pulp, then grind it through a double-disc refiner, and then flow the pulp into the pressure screen to screen the pulp. Finally, the pulp enters the tissue paper machine to produce tissue paper.

Tissue Paper Pulping Processing

Chain Conveyor-Bale Brealer-Hydrapulper-H.C. Cleaner-M.C. Pressure Screen-L.C Cleaner-Reject Separator-Light Impurity Separator-Double Disc Refiner-Inflow Pressure Screen.

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