Light Impurities Separator In Coarse Screening Section

Light Impurity Separator is a new-type, advanced coarse screening equipment. It is used to manage the light impurity and rejects from coarse screening stage in the waste paper pulp making line.It adopts up-flow inlet way, by using the high-speed rotation of the rotor, there will generate strong vortex in the shell, the light impurity will be gathered in the center of the vortex and discharged from the top center mouth of the shell; the fiber bundles and pulp mass will be further eased between the bottom of rotor and sieve plate,accepts will go through the sieve plate and be discharged by accept tube;heavy impurities are deposited to sediment ditch outside of the sieve plate and discharged through the sediment tank.

The Equipment structure Of Light Impurities Separator

It is consists of shell, pulp chamber, rotor device ,supporting leg, etc. The shell is designed in inverted cone, convex roof structure so as to generate strong vortex and benefit to the he effective discharge of impurities and the sedimentation of heavy impurities. The sediment tank is with endoscopy to observe the heavy impurity deposition situation, and there is upper and lower brave valve using PLC automatic control system to discharge heavy slag.

Light Impurities Separator equipped with automatic slag discharge device, improve work efficiency, save manpower cost, minimize investment cost for customers. If you have an interest about it, please  free to contact us:

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