Large Production Capacity Paper Pulp Hydrapurger

Waste paper pulp Hydrapurger mainly used in D Type Hydrapulper continuous pulping system, which can equip with sediment well and drum screen. Hydrapurger is behind sediment well,in pulper’s pulping process, the slurry, which contains lots of light impurities, gathers to the sediment well and overflow into the impurity separator. With the effect of rotor, fine pulp enters next process from screen plate. Plenty of light impurities are conveyed to drum screen, in which the light impurities can be totally separated from slurry, and discharge the process.

 The Maintenance Of Paper Pulp Hydrapurger

1. Regularly check if triangular belt’s degree of tightness is moderate.
2. The material of sealing material is graphite packing packing, if leak slurry, can screw down the but on the stuffing box gland. Demand that two nuts should be equably compressed.
3. Periodically lubricate equipment
4. Change cutter, sieve plate and bearing

Our waste paper pulp hydrapurger adopts automatic control system make the process of impurities removal convenient and reliable. If you want to know more, please free email me. Email:

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