High Efficiency Single Effect Fiber Separator

Single Effect Fiber separator machine amounts to a combination of one sealed horizontal hydrapulper and a light & heavy impurity cleaner. It adopts compact structure and has high efficiency,it has functions such as pulp beating, impurity removing ,coarse screening etc, thus simplifies the process of dealing with wasted paper greatly, as a result reduces the energy consumption.

Single Effect Fiber Separator Operating Principle

Paper Pulp get into the cylinder-shaped cabinet with a tangent track and revolve in high speed with the impulse of pressure difference and revolving cutter. Then in the effect of hydraulic shear force , friction of fibers and the beating of blades, the pulp is defibered. The pressure difference between sieve plates and drive impulse of cutters make The defibered pulp go through the screen holes on sieve plates and go out from accept outlet.

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