High Efficiency Flotation Deinking Machine

Flotation Deinking machine is a new type of fully enclosed multi-stage flotation equipment, which is a new generation of deinking equipment developed by our company by absorbing international advanced technology. Mainly applied to deink recycled pulp, it can effectively remove the ink, light impurities and stickies,etc. And has high deinking efficiency, high whiteness of the pulp after deinking, good brightness, high ink exclusion (up to 3%), minimal fiber loss,simple operation control, and energy consumption Low significant advantages.

Main Advantages And Performance Of Flotation Deinking Machine

1. High flotation efficiency and less occupied area.
2. High scum concentration and less fiber loss.
3. Simple operation and automatic control

Flotation deinking machine is mainly used in deinking line. Our customers have feedback that the flotation deinking machine has brought them a lot of profits. Feel free to consult the benefits of flotation deinking machine. Email: wastepapermachine@gmail.com.

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