High Consistency Hydrapulper In Paper Deinking Line

Virgin pulp is the most suitable raw material for the production of household paper or cultural paper. However, to save money, paper mills usually use waste paper (including ink) to produce new paper. Therefore, the processing power of deinking equipment is very important to ensure the maximum profit of the paper mill.

Overview Of High Consistency Hydrapulper

High concsistency hydrapulper mainly used for separating waste paper and ink under high consistency in waste paper deinking process which can deal with 12%-18% high consistency pulp, effective chemical mixture and friction
between fibers under high consistency make the ink particle separate from the surface of fiber fully.

Main Technical Parameters Of High Consistency Hydrapulper

Normal Volume(m³): 5-35
Consistency(%): 10-15
Production Capacity(t/d): 20-260
Motor Power(kw): 110-560

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