High Capacity Drum Pulper for Paper Pulping Equipment

In the case of a high concentration of 14% -18%, drum pulper uses the weight of the waste paper itself to fall to the hard surface and the shearing force and friction generated by the slow rotation of the drum to crush the pulp. With its own screening area, it can be screened directly after the pulping is completed. There is no strong cutting effect in the process of decomposing the fiber, so it can better retain the original quality of the waste paper fiber. The impurities in the raw materials such as tape, plastic, hot melt adhesive, rope,etc. are removed without being broken. High slag discharge efficiency, can greatly reduce the load of subsequent equipment, suitable for the treatment of unselected waste paper.

Drum Pulper Working Principle

Drum pulper continuously rotates and tilts slightly. The waste paper follows this tilt angle, and the pulp board repeatedly raised to a certain height by the pulp board at a concentration of 14% to 18%. It drops with the drum and is hard. The surface of the inner wall hits, and broken up under the effect of moderate and effective shearing force and friction between the fibers. In the screening area, it is diluted with diluted water to a concentration of 3% to 4%. The diluted slurry enters the slurry through the screen hole In the tank, the impurities are backwashed by the dilution water and continue to advance in the drum, and finally discharged from the slag discharge port at the end of the screening area. The flushing water of the water spray pipe is to keep the screen slurry of the screening area smooth and not block the screen.

Drum Pulper power consumption than traditional drum pulper, save about 50%, chemicals can be reduced by 10%, steam savings of more than 60%. Welcome email us for further details. Email: paperrecyclemachine@gmail.com

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