Good Performance Paper Pulper With Competitive Price

D type hydrapulper adopts D type structure, which improves the work efficiency, and it can be used for pulping waste paper &wet strength paper, so it is regarded as ideal paper pulp making machines. D type hydrapulper’s rotor deviates from the center of tank bottom and thus makes the paper materials contact the rotor more quickly and more frequently. Traditional waterpower paper pulp machine makes a rotary flow unimpeded and paper materials move to the center of rotor from joining according to spiral trajectory. While D type hydrapulper has changed this way, making the materials contact the rotor more quickly, which can shorten the paper materials handling time. So the production capacity increase immediately without any increase in power and volume.


1. It adopts fox rotor so it takes less power and has higher pulp efficiency.
2. The rotor and screen plate are above the slot base, forming a low pressure area around the screen plate, which reduces the impurities contact with the cutter and screen plate to prolong the service life of cutter and screen plate.
3. Cutter blade is equipped between cutter and screen plate to prevent waste like wire, weavings twining and lower the running current.
4. Cleaning function, easy to start the equipment.
5. Three sets of bearings are equipped in the transmission system to prolong the service life and reduce maintenance costs.
6. D type hydrapulper is equipped with European standard pulley to shorten maintenance time, improve working efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Compared with the traditional hydrapulper, D Type Hydrapulper could shorten the time of pulp breaking and increase productivity without increasing the volume and momentum. If you want to know more, please free email us for further details. Email address:

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