Energy-saving Flotation Deinking Machine

Flotation deinking machine is a new generation of deinking equipment developed by our company by absorbing international advanced technology, which suitable for flotation deinking of various waste paper at home and abroad. While removing ink, some light adhesives and light plastics can be significantly removed. Flotation deinking machine has high deinking efficiency, high whiteness of the pulp after deinking, good brightness, high ink exclusion (up to 3%), minimal fiber loss, small footprint, simple operation control, and energy consumption Low significant advantages.

Main Advantages And Performance Of Flotation Deinking Machine

1. High flotation efficiency and cover small area.
2. High scum concentration and low fiber loss.
3. Simple operation and automatic control.
4. After flotation, the pulp has high whiteness and good brightness.

The Flotation deinking machine has high flotation efficiency and low energy consumption, which can Reduce customer operating costs. If you want to know more, please free email us for further details. Email Address:

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