Drum Pulper For Waste Paper Recycling

Drum Pulper mainly used for continuous gentle pulping and coarse screening of waste paper under high consisrency. The mechanical action of drum pulper can avoid cutting action of traditional pulper. So the fiber length is guaranteed and it increases physical index of paper. What’s more, impurities like plastic film can keep the original shape and be discharged. Fewer are rived and become tiny. Lots of light and heavy impurities are removed. To the complete waste paper stock preparation process, the fewer impurities the forepart has, the less burden the back part cleaner equipment has. Accordingly, the efficiency and final slag remove result is better.

Drum Pulper Beating Principle

The concentration of beating area is 15-18% and concentration of screening area is 3-4%. Waste paper and beating use water enter pre-soaking area through feed hopper and all materials are mixed, soaked. Materials are pulped in pulping area. Due to the rotation of barrel, materials are lifted to the top of barrel and fall down the barrel bottom. After several times beating and knead between materials, waste paper are broken into pulp. The function of water spray pipe of screening area is to dilute slurry and clean sieve hole. So, pulp can pass sieve hole and flow into pulp chest smoothly and fully and large light, heavy impurities expel from slag discharge outlet. Pulp in pulp chest are transported to following equipment by pulp pump for further treatment to finish the complete beating process.

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