Drum Pulper For Paper Pulping

Drum pulper is mainly divided into pre-soaking, pulping and screening zone. Drum pulper mainly used for continuous gentle pulping and coarse screening of waste paper from chain conveyor under high consistency. Drum
pulper material can be customized according to customer requirements. And drum pulper has the advantages of low energy consumption, long pulping residence time, low rate fine fiber loss and few quick wear parts,etc.

Paper Pulping Process

Waste Paper-Chain conveyor-Drum Pulper-High Consistency Cleaner-Pressure Screen-Low Consistency Cleaner-Reject Separator-Double Disc Refiner-Inflow Pressure Screen-Paper Pulp

Our drum pulper has no wearing parts and low maintenance cost; less fiber loss and low customer investment cost.Any needs or question, welcome to contact with me: wastepapermachine@gmail.com.

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