Disc Thickener For Paper Pulping Line

Disc thickener is mainly used to concentrate low concentration slurry. This machine is different from the traditional vacuum disc filter. Disc Thickener does not need to be installed on the upper floor and equipped with a water leg tube, which can replace the traditional gravity round net thickener.

Disc Thickener Working principle

Disc thickener is composed of a fan-shaped plate and a trough, etc. The slurry flows into the trough from the slurry inlet, and is continuously gathered on both sides of the fan-shaped plate through the partition. The disc slurry is peeled off, and the filtrate flows into the large shaft from the water channel in the middle of the disc and is discharged outward. With the continuous operation of the disc, the slurry concentration in the tank increases due to the continuous discharge of the filtrate. When the liquid level in the tank is higher than the liquid level adjustment plate, the slurry overflows to the discharge box.

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