Complete Machine Line for Waste Paper Recycling Machine Stainless Pulper

Complete machine line for waste paper recycling machine stainless pulper is mainly used to crush pulp board, waste paper, deinking, and pulp purification. Through dissociating, it can maximum make the paper’s fiber dissociating into fiber bundles or single fibers, while at the same time, it can maximize maintain impurity’s shape and strength.Which consist of tank, pulper rotor, landing leg, driving device and motor,etc.Leizhan waste paper recycling machine stainless pulper is used for pulping waste paper under high consistency in waste paper deinking process.

Feature Of Stainless Pulper

1. Pulper rotor off -center position, so that the waste paper could touch the rotor more quickly, higher frequency.
2. The tank is made by welded steel, outside of mouth is ultra high strength steel, which used to strengthen tank, there is deflector at the bottom of cone, which can make the paper pulp reflux circulating.
3. Pulper rotor and pulp tray is higher than pulper groove bottom plane, which can reduce the pulper rotor and impurities contact, so that prolong life-span, preventing the twisted rope winding on the rotor.

Paper Pulper can promptly crushing wastepaper, deinking on the condition of high concentration, with large capacity, low power consumption, and saving vapour medication. Any needs or question, welcome to contact with me:

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