China D Type Hydrapulper For Pulping and Paper Machine

The features of D Type Hydrapulper are: VOKES rotor deviates from the center and makes the paper stock and rotor connect more rapidly and a high frequency. The traditional hydrapulper generates a expedite rotational flow, and the paper stock is running to the central rotor according to a spiral line from the adding opening. D Type Hydrapulper changes the way of flowing and makes stock paper connect with rotor more fast,thus it can shorten the time from adding the stock paper to deslagging, and can improve the product capacity without adding power andn voluminal.

The Main Structure Of D Type Hydrapulper

D Type Hydrapulper is mainly consist of D type tank, rotor device,landing leg, driving mechanism and electrical
machine and so on.
1. D type tank is welded by steel plate, which has a box iron in the outside top opening used for reinforcing the
tank, and has a guide plate in the inner cone bottom used for recycling the pulp backflow.
2. Rotor Device: Rotor and pulp outlet plate are higher than hydrapulper tank surface, and form a low pressure area
around rotor to collect heavy impurities. When the heavy impurities deposits on the bottom, it will be take into the slummage well or heavy impurities collection tank for the turning effect of pulp liquid .
3. Landing leg: The landing leg is welded by steel plate ,using for supporting tank body and rotor device.

There are so many details about D Type Hydrapulper. If you want to know more, please free to contatc us.

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