Broken Paper Pulper For Paper Mill

Broken paper pulper mainly used to pulp broken paper produced in various paper machine presses, calendering, winding and other positions. The main advantages of this type of broken paper pulper are: By using an optimized rotor geometry, higher turbulence effects can be achieved with minimal power consumption. High suction speeds significantly increase the friction between the fibers and crush the pulp The solution does not rely solely on mechanical forces between the rotor and screen. At the same time, it is complemented by a brand new pulp pool structure which increases the contact frequency between the rotor and the pulp to some extent.

Broken Paper Pulper Technical Data

Rotor diameter(mm): 750-1300
Good pulp port(DN): 300-500
Pulp tank volume(m³): 5.5-80
Width of pulp tank(mm): 2500-8000
Pulp concentration(%): 3-5
Screen size(mm): 10-24
Supporting motor power(KW): 45-630

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