550T/24H LOCC Pulping Project

Initially abolished During recycling, it is inevitably mixed with plastics, stones and other impurities. The pulping process has many slag removers that can repeatedly clean the slurry, such as high density cleaners, middle consistency coarse screen, and reject separator.

Pulping Equipment Of LOCC Pulping Project

Chain conveyor: convey LOCC to drum pulper

Drum pulper: LOCC pulping and remove large impurities

High density cleaner: remove heavy impurities in the slurry

Middle consistency pressure screen: screen slurry to reduce subsequent equipment burden

Light impurity separator: separating light impurities in waste pulp

Reject separator: disperse the plastic fibers in the film

Low density cleaner: remove heavy impurities

The Main Advantages Of Pulping Project

1.The overall design process is simple and effective, less equipment, easy operation, low total investment in equipment.

2.This process line uses the middle consistency screen equipment, which can greatly reduce the amount of white water consumption.

3.Reduce the impact on the environment,and low-carbon environment.

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