Two Layers Of Kraft Paper Machine For Paper Business

Two Layers Of kraft paper machine is mainly used to make noodle box cardboard and corrugated base paper. The paper machine is mainly divided into the following parts: headbox, fourdrinier section, calendering section, and winding section.

1. Headbox: Two sets of open headboxes, corresponding to the surface mesh and the bottom mesh, respectively. By controlling the liquid level in the headbox, the sizing head of the slurry can be controlled and stabilized.
2. The Front Drying Section: Φ1500 / Φ1800 drying cylinder, group drive, equipped with guide rollers, dryer. With closed air hood.
3. Calendering section: Double-roller calender. The upper and lower rollers are metal rollers. The pressurization method is corrugated pneumatic tire pressurization.
4. Winding section: pneumatic horizontal paper reel, pressurizing method is cylinder pressure.

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