Turnkey Paper Mill&Stock Preparation Machine

Many paper friends have sent emails asking for the cost of installing a turnkey paper mill depending on production capacity and raw materials. The quality of raw materials and pulping equipment without ink. When providing a turnkey paper machine and pulp preparation machine, our engineers will do the best to design the right project according to the raw material and production capacity, produce the highest quality pulp and get the best profit.

Turnkey Paper Making Equipment

Raw material: OCC, AOCC, cultural paper with ink, white shavings, vigin wood trees, pulp board, etc.
Output Paper: Kraft paper, Corrguated paper
Production capacity: 5-1000t/d according to your demand
Paper Pulp Equipment: Basically includes obsolete crushed pulping, inspection, cleaning, refining access, etc. When the raw material is ink, the dependent deinking machine is increasing, and when other pearl fur is attached, the specific machine is different according to your budget.

We have been involved in preparing a paper mill for about 40 years. The pulp equipment is equipped with imported spare parts and excellent craftsmanship. High efficiency and low energy consumption. If you want to set up a new turnkey paper mill with stock machines, do you need it? We can provide the highest quality papermaking equipment, such as paper towels, culture and corrugated board mills, and reasonable advice. Welcome to contact us: wastepapermachine@gmail.com.

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