Kraft Paper Making Line

Kraft paper making line includes two parts:paper pulp making line and paper making line.So, a complete paper industry must contain paper pulp machine and paper machine.Paper pulp machine used to make waste paper , such aswaste packing box,waste office paper and so on)become fine pulp for paper forming on the paper machine.

Kraft Paper Pulp Making Line As Follows

Waste papers are conveyed by chain conveyor into the hydrapulper for pulping.
Stock pulp will enter the high density cleaner to be removed heavy impurity. And the next the fine pulp will through a series screening equipment to remove oversized,troublesome and unwanted particles from good paper making
3.Finally the fine pulp will be screened again by the inflow pressure screen to into the headbox of paper machine.

Kraft Paper Making Line As Follows

1.Formatting of paper sheet
The paper will be formed from stock pulp on a cylinder,the paper will be removed the water as far as possible and
carried onto the wire for sheet formation.
As the sheet enters the press section it is still quite wet.
The sheet,as it passes from the press section,should be as dry as possible so that it can be made mechanically.From this point it is necessary to apply heat in order to reach the desired state of dryness.The most usual method of drying uses steam-heated dryers.
4.Reeling and Winding
Paper making is a continuous process from the headbox to the calender.

During the processing of Kraft paper making,some other equipments are also important. Such as: Pulp chest agitator,Pulp pump. We can provide customers with these equipment. Please feel free to consult. Email: 

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