Kraft Paper Making And pulping Line

A complete papermaking pulp production line requires pulping equipment and papermaking machinery. Good pulping equipment has a very low fiber loss rate for pulp, high-quality output paper, smooth, tough and wear-resistant.

Kraft Paper Pulping Process

Waste paper-Chain Conveyor-Hydrapulper-High Consistency Cleaner-Pressure Screen-Low Consistency Cleaner-Reject Separator-Double Disc Refiner-Inflow Pressure Screen

Kraft Paper Machine Technical Data

Raw Material: waste paper
Output Paper: Kraft Paper
Trimmed Width: 1880-5800
Basis Weight: 80-220g/m2
Operating Speed: 150-800m/min
Production Capacity: 45-750TPD

We can offer equipment according to your raw material and production capacity. In addition to kraft paper, we slao can provide the paper pulping equipment and paper making machine of tissue paper, cultural paper, corrugated paper, coating paper,etc. Please free email us for consulting our equipment. Email:

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