High Grade Cultural Paper Machine

In paper production and global paper demand, cultural paper occupies a very important position. The important value of cultural paper is that cultural paper has been a storage medium for carrying information for hundreds of years. High Grade Cultural Paper Machine mainly used for producing hight quality A4 paper, printing and wiriting paper. The paper produced by our culture paper machine is of high quality, good smoothness and high sales volume in the market.

High Grade Cultural Paper Machine Information

Raw Material: Wood Pulp, waste white paper
Output Paper: A4 paper, printing and wiriting paper
Trimmed Width: 1880-3750mm
Basis Weight: 40-80g/m2
Operating Speed: 200-1200m/min
Production Capacity: 20-270t/d
Advantages: High Production Capacity, Low power consumption, small occupied area and high quality of output paper.

There are cultural papers produced by Leizhan’s paper machines all over the world. In particular, our pulping equipment and paper machines have always been at the leading level in the world. We will consistently strive to provide customers with high-quality equipment. Welcome email us for any need. Eamil : wastepapermachine@gmail.com.

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