Duplex Board Paper Coating Machine

As a packaging material, coated paper is widely used in various fields, so coated paper also has a great demand in the market. In order to meet market demand, we have developed advanced coated paper machines and exported them to various countries in the world. Customers have expressed that they have obtained better economic benefits after using our equipment.

Duplex Board Paper Coating Machine Main Specification

1. Raw material: virgin pulp, white shavings, waste paper, etc
2. Paper grade: coating board paper
3. Trimmed width: 2400-6600mm
4. Basis weight: 200-350gsm
5. Operating speed: 200-600m/min
6. Production capacity: 200-1400t/d

After 40 years of development, we have developed many patented equipment such as drum pulper, pressure screen, etc. We can provide customers with a complete set of paper and pulp production line equipment. Welcome email us for any need at anytime. Email address: paperrecyclemachine@gmail.com


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