Differences in the production of paper and board

Do you know the difference between the process of producing paper and cardboard in a paper mill?

① Paper making is carried out on a paper machine. A paper machine is a linkage machine composed of multiple devices, divided into a wet part and a dry part. The wet section includes the headbox, the wire section and the press section; the dry section includes the drying section, calender, and reel.

②Cardboard copying. It adopts multi-layer papermaking, and the pulp used varies with the type of cardboard and the use requirements, and most of them use high-yield pulp. A number of single-layer wet paper sheets are produced by several cylinder wires, fourdrinier wires, short wires or sandwich formers, and combined under certain conditions to form wet paperboards. After pre-pressing and dehydration, they enter the main machine similar to paper machines. Press and multi-dryer for further dehydration and drying.

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