Automatic Notebook Making Machine

Leizhan is a professional manufacturer of paper pulping equipment, which provide the full set of paper pulping line equipment and all kinds of paper making machine, such as tissue/toilet paper machine, kraft paper machine, corrugated paper machine, A4 paper machine, coating board paper machine,etc.

Specification of Notebook Making Machine

Raw Material: waste white shavings/virgin pulp/ wood pulp/ waste newspapers

Output Paper: School Notebook, A4 Paper

Product: Fully Automatic Notebook Making Machine

Paper Grams: 35-100g/m²


Operating Speed: 200-1200m/min

Basis Weight: 40-80g/m2

Trimmed Width: 1880-3750mm

Dryer diamater: Ø2000mm

Cylinder Diameter: Ø1250mm

Design speed: 70m/min

Running speed: 20-50m/min

Dynamatic balance speed: 200m/min

Gauge: 1800mm

Certification: ISO9001

Because the advanced technology and competitive price, Leizhan has lots of customers from all over the world. Besides the notebook paper making machine, A4 paper machine, we also can offer the kraft paper machine, tissue paper machine, corrugated paper machine, coating board paper machien, and paper machine spare parts,etc. If you have any needs or questions about paper making, feel free to contact me. Email: 

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