500TPD Corrugated Paper Machine

Corrugated/Fluting paper is a common material used in packaging boxes. The size easy to cut, and mainly used toprotect other products from being damaged.

Corrugated/Fluting paper machine mainly used for producing high grade corrugated/fluting paper. The corrugated/fluting paper produced by our corrugated/fluting paper machine has better hardness and higher water resistance. And the corrugated/fluting paper machine has a large production capacity and low energy consumption,
which can save operating costs.

The Technical Data Of 500TPD Corrugated Paper Machine

Raw Material: waste paper
Output paper: Corrugated paper, fluting paper
Trimmed Width: 5800mm
Basis Weight: 150g/m2
Operating Speed: 800m/min
Features: higher capacity, lower energy consumption, easier operation

The Process Flow Diagram Of 500TPD Corrugated Paper Machine

Raw materials (waste paper)—pulper—vibrating sieve—pulp tank—pulp pump—bleach machine(thruster)—refiner
machine—pulp tank—pulp pump—pressure sieve—pulp tank— pulp pump—except sand machine—net box—cylinder—blanket—paper making machine—drying—roll paper—the big finished jumbo paper — process machine

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