4600mm Testliner Fluting Paper Machine

The price of wrapping paper such as corrugated paper, kraft paper, T paper, etc. has been rising recently. This is a rare opportunity to test the papermaking business in depth. We are a professional manufacturer of pulp manufacturing equipment, and have a strong technical research and development team. In general, the owners of paper mills use OCC or LOCC as raw materials to make grooved test papers. Leizhan can provide full parts production line equipment. Low energy consumption, high production capacity, low investment.

4600mm Testliner Fluting Paper Machine Technical Data

Paper grade: Fluting paper, corrugated paper, T-paper
Raw material: OCC
Basis weight: 120g/m²
Production (100% efficiency): 322t/24h
Width of sheet on reel: 4660mm
Width of sheet on winder: 4600mm
Working speed: 400 m/min
Working pressure of Steam: 5 bar
Mill power supply: 380Volts, 50 Hz
Wire width: 5100mm

Do you have an idea to start testliner fluting paper mill? We can offer the complete set of testliner fluting paper production line equipment. If you are interested in, please free email us: paperrecyclemachine@gmail.com   

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