3TPD Tissue/Toilet Paper Machine

There are reports that the toilet paper industry is the fastest growing manufacturing industry in the contemporary era. In order to meet the demand for the use of toilet paper, many toilet paper manufacturers have doubled their production capacity. Therefore, we developed advanced Toilet/Tissue Paper Machine. We Toilet/Tissue Paper Machine has the advantages of advanced technology, high productivity, competitive price and long service life time, etc.

3TPD Tissue /Toilet Paper Machine Information

Raw material: Wood Pulp, Virgin pulp, waste white paper
Output paper: Toilet paper, Tissue Paper, napkin paper, facial paper
Trimmed Width: 1575mm
Basis Weight: 13g/m2
Operating Speed: 180m/min

If you have an idea to start tissue/toilet paper business, please free email us your raw material and production capacity. Email: wastepapermachine@gmail.com.

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