3700mm Four Layers Cardboard Paper Machine

Four layers cardboard paper machine, paper trimmed width 3700mm, mainly used for producing corrugated paper. It consists of headbox, press section, drying section, calendar section, reel section.

1. Headbox: With four air cushion type headbox, corresponding to top layer, lining layer, core layer , bottom layer, and by controlling the gas pressure in the headbox to control and stabilize the sizing of the pulp.
2. Press section: First press, second press, third press and fourth pressure.
3. Drying section: Φ1500/Φ1800 dryer drove in groups and equipped with wire guiding roll
4. Calendar section: Double roller calender, the upper and lower rollers are metal roller, pressurized way is     corrugated gas tire pressure.
5. Reel section: Pneumatic horizontal reel machine and pressurized way is cylinder pressure.

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