1350mm High Speed Overfeed Rewinding Paper Machine

1350mm high speed overfeed rewinding paper machine, its net width is ≤1350mm, roll paper 100-500g/m2, put the original paper roll on the paper holder of the rewinding machine, and then rewind it into the final paper roll according to the width and tightness demand.

1350mm High Speed Overfeed Rewinding Paper Machine Technical Data

Base weight: 100-500g/m2
Paper trimmed width: 1350mm
Balance speed: 500m/min
Working speed: 350m/min
Feeding type: overfeed
Lifting device: Hydraulic lift
Motor power: 18.5kw

We can offer the full paper pulping and paper making line equipment, please free email us for any needs or question about paper making and paper pulping. Email address: wastepapermachine@gmail.com.

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