Chain Conveyor For Waste Paper Recycling

Chain conveyer is used in paper making industry to transport all kinds of scattered and bundled raw material.It can do horizontal transmission and less the 25 gradient transport.It is widely used in feding about from waste paper and pulp board to hydrapulper.It adopts chain to drive through plate to transport raw material, with advantag of reasonable structure,large transmission capacity,lower power consumption.It is the best ideal waste paper and pulp plate conveying equipment after many years useage of many paper mill.  In order to meet the needs of the users and techological layout requirements, the transmission installation of chain conveyer is divided into left type and right type. Customer can chose the chain conveyer installation types according to the Process design requirements.

Chain Conveyor Technical Data

Type: BFW
Chain Plate Width: 1200-2600mm
Feeding Capacity: 60-600m3/h
Conveying Material: waste paper/pulp board
Max.limit Of Material: 1000-2400mm
Motor Power: 5.5-55kw

Chain Conveyor has advantages of large capacity, low motor, less wear, reliable operation and high efficiency. For further details, please free email us. Email address:

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