Chain Conveyor For Paper Making Industry

BFW Series Chain Conveyor is mainly used in paper making industry for conveying varies of scattered and bundled waste paper. It can works when it is horizontal or Gradient less than 25°. and widely used for padding waste paper from ground to pulper. It has good performance with advantage of reasonable structure,large transmission capacity,lower power consumption.and it adopts chain to drive through plate to transport raw material.

The Main Features Of Chain Conveyor

1. Trough plate punch forming which high strength and excellent in crushing effect.
2. Chain board adopts closed design to prevent material leaking.
3. Two rows of chain adopt long axis to prevent chain running deviation.
4. Chain wheel adopts cast steel to improve wear-resistant.
5. Raw material feeding plate adopts V design( more than effective conveying width 400mm) to improve raw material throughput.
6. Orbit type running,operate steadily and reliably, with low friction and low power consumption.

There are so many details about Chain Conveyor. Over 40 years production experience,we are specialized in making all kinds of paper machines and pulp equipment. If you have the requirement of paper paper machines and pulp equipment, please free to contatct me:

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