BFW Series Chain Conveyor

All paper making mill need equiped wth Chain Conveyor to conveniently convey material. But we need adopt the best quality graded chain conveyor which support for the paper making line stably operate.Leizhan is a perfect choice, the products have distinctive design. The chain conveyor specially adopt closed design to prevent the leakage of material. For paper making mill, adopt Chain Conveyor to convey material which can reduce the cost of labour force and improve the operating efficiency.

The Main Feature Of Chain Conveyor

1. Low motor power can reduce the cost of electricity.
2. Less wear prolongs the service life of equipment.
3. Adopt specially made chain drive one-time impact stamping, trough plate to convey material.

There are many details about Chain Conveyor. If you have interest about it or other paper making machine, you can view the official website.We will offer professional technical instruction for you and meet all your demands. Do not hesitate! Please free to contact us:

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