Press Felt For Paper Mill


A papermakers’ felt for the press or dewatering section of a papermaking machine is formed with an inner woven fabric and with a plurality of longitudinally extending, transversely spaced heavy yarns or strands which are supported on the bottom surface of the fabric by a relatively light cross-machine yarn or binder pick which interconnects the heavy strands with the warp yarns of the fabric. The paper mill felt is a kind of precious material in paper making industry. The paper mill used press felt can be divided into three types: wet felt, upper felt and dry felt according to the uses.


  • High anti-compaction capacity.
  • Extremely high elasticity and recoverability.
  • Strong drainability abd larger void volumn.
  • Long holding time of wear resistance and plastic strength of felt.
  • Smooth felt surface and even pressure distribution.

Main Specification

Name Paper Mill Felt
Application press felt
Air permeability 20-140 cfm
Speed 100-500m/min
Strength 2000-4000N/5cm
Paper 8-40g/㎡ kinds of paper
Linear pressure 100-200kN/m
Material fabric
Usage paper mills
Shape Sheet
Use paper machine spare part
Merits High Wear Resistance
Certificate ISO
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